Teide National Park Private Tour

Teide National Park Private Tour

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- Visit the Teide National Park discovering its volcanic landscapes and its best viewpoints.
- Forget the overcrowded buses, the impersonal treatment, the rush at the bus stops, the endless pick-ups and the unfounded information.
- We offer you a private, quality excursion, for your enjoyment, with an official guide accredited by the National Park, friendly and close treatment and contrasted information.
- We will interpret the geological, botanical and ethnographic values of this UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2007.

Destination: Tenerife
Privacy: Private
Activity: Tour
Guided: Guided
Transport: Transport included
Duración excursión: 8 hours

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Destination: Tenerife
Privacy: Private
Activity: Tour
Guided: Guided
Transport: Transport included
Transport included
Duración excursión: 8 hours
8 hours

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 Teide Natioanl Park


 Optional, not included


 All year


 8 hours




Private excursion with guide and transport included to the Teide National Park, protected since 1954 and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2007 for its volcanic treasures and the beauty of its landscapes.

Located in the centre of the island of Tenerife, more than 2,000 metres above sea level, we find the Caldera del Teide, or as the locals call it, Las Cañadas del Teide. It is a depression of about 16 kilometres in diameter, caused by the collapse and landslide of the ancient Teide volcano. It is surrounded by a semicircular mountain range that reaches a height of 2,715 metres, a geological witness to the episodes we will tell you about during our tour. Its bottom is covered by numerous lava flows and volcanoes, which have given the landscape a great colour and a variety of shapes, and by small plains covered with sand, areas of easy transit on foot, which are the "cañadas".

From practically every point in the National Park we can observe the imposing figure of the Teide Volcano (3,715 metres above sea level), the emblem of the island of Tenerife and the highest peak in Spain, which rises in the northern part of the Caldera. We will tell you how this volcanic colossus came into being, how it was considered for several centuries to be the highest mountain in the world by European travellers and explorers, whether it is calm or plans to erupt, and many other anecdotes that will help you get to know it better. If you want to climb to its peak, check our Private Tour Teide and Cable CarOn this tour we will focus on exploring the Caldera of the National Park, stopping at the best viewpoints to contemplate and photograph Teide, and discovering many other geological and natural treasures.

We will visit the National Park to talk to you about the geology and volcanism of Teide, the rich biodiversity of plant and animal species that inhabit it, understand the mountain climate of the islands, learn about the uses that have been developed in this territory since the time of the ancient inhabitants of Tenerife, the Guanches, to the present day and become aware of the natural values that we are trying to preserve together in this fragile place. We will walk through areas of pumice stone, such as Las Minas de San José, where many films have been shot, and we will enter the Portillo Visitor Centre.

Come and discover the Teide National Park with Canarias Nature Guides it will be a memorable and enriching part of your trip to Tenerife..

Price & Conditios


1 person: 280€

Every additional person: +40€


All year

Services Included

  • Transport in a private vehicle  Mercedes Vito type

  • Official Tourist Guide of the Canary Islands and accredited by the Teide National Park.

  • Liability insurance

  • Accident insurance

  • Taxes

Services Not Included

  • Food  

  • Other services nor included in Services Included


Meal: 20€ per person

We will stop for lunch in a local restaurant. In this way we contribute to the development of the local economy. A full lunch menu is included as well as water. Please let us know of any allergies, intolerances, diets or food/dishes that you do not eat so that we can take this into account and request an adaptation from the restaurant, if possible.

Picnic: 10€ per person

If you want us to bring you a picnic for the excursion, instead of having lunch in a restaurant. You don't have to worry about shopping and preparing the picnic, we take care of it. We usually buy fresh, local, seasonal produce appropriate for the excursion. You can add this service to your booking.


Excursion to the Teide National Park with Cable Car + Ascent to Pico del Teide

If you would like to complement this excursion with a cable car ride up to La Rambleta (3,555 metres) or to the Pico del Teide (3,715 metres), book our Mount Teide Private Tour.

Customize the Excursion

If this tour interests you, but you would like to adapt or personalise it in any way. You can contact us in advance to discuss your case or add this service to your booking by filling in the comments box.

Functional diversity

If you have any functional diversity that requires special attention from us. Please let us know your case so that we can analyse whether it is compatible with the characteristics of the excursion and offer you the necessary service for your enjoyment. You can contact us in advance to analyse your case or add this service when you make your booking by filling in the comments box.

Confirmation in 3 steps 

  1. Fill the  Reservation Form. 

  2. We reply back with our availability..

  3. You make the payment ant the excursion is confirmed.

Changes due to weather

If the conditions are not adequate for the excursion (the most common reason is bad weather), we will contact you to inform you of the alternatives. Normally we can offer you:

  1. Change the date while keeping the same conditions.

  2. Cancellation with 100% refund.


If you wish to cancel the tour for any reason:

  • Up to 24 hours before the excursion: 100% refund of the excursion.

  • Last 24 hours before the excursion: No refund.

Health & Safety

Our guide will act at all times having in mind your health and safety so that you can focus on enjoying the experience.


For you health and safety during the excursion, we apply 3 principles:

  1. Knowledge of the environment and risk prevention.

  2. First aid training for our guides.

  3. Equipment and technology.


  • Take sun protection: sunglasses, sunscreen, cap or hat. Teide National Park is the sunniest part of the island.

  • Bring enough warm clothes: in case it could be cold or windy, depending on the weather.
    This tour is NOT RECOMMENDED for the following people:

  • Persons with cardiorespiratory or other conditions, which may be manifested or aggravated by altitude

  • Children under 6 years of age


If you have symptoms compatible with COVID-19, such as cough or fever, please let us know as soon as possible and consult a doctor. Everyone's responsibility is in everyone's interest.

Our company follows the protocols established by the health authorities for the prevention of the spread of COVID-19, depending on the stage we are in at the time of the activity. In general terms, during the excursion we will ask for your cooperation in maintaining the following protocols:

  • Small group size, with a maximum number of participants according to the numbers indicated at any given time by the health authorities.

  • Safety distance of 2 metres between non-cohabiting persons.

  • Use of hydroalcoholic gel for hand cleaning.

  • Disinfection of equipment and transport before and after the activity.

  • Use of masks and other barrier means when the safety distance cannot be maintained from other persons.

  • Recordatorio al inicio de la Reminder at the beginning of the activity and during the activity of the protocols we will follow. y durante la actividad de los protocolos que seguiremos.

  • Any other measures that are relevant and required by the health authorities for the prevention of COVID-19 infection..

Get ready


After your reservation we will indicate the meeting time, who will be your guide and our contact details for any questions.

What do you need to bring?

  • Coat: Depending on the weather. Bring enough warm clothes, if not necessary, you can leave them in the vehicle..

  • Footwear: Comfortable or sporty footwear in which you can walk on volcanic, sandy and somewhat stony terrain..

  • Sun protection: Sunscreen and sunglasses. Optional cap or hat and lip balm..

  • Drink: Don't forget to bring a bottle of water. It is important to stay hydrated during the hike to feel good in the usually dry climate..

  • Food: If you don't want to book a lunch or picnic with us, bring something to eat such as a sandwich, pasta or rice salad, nuts, gofio, chocolate, energy bars or fruit. You can also buy or eat something on your own when we stop for lunch.

  • Tissue

  • Personal medicines or health items that you consider necessary.

  • Photo and video camera

  • Mobile phone

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about this tour?

Yes, ask us through thel FContact Form and we will get back to you in more detail.

Ask us any other questions you may have



Please send us your evaluation of this experience so that we can continue to improve and maintain what you liked. Thank you very much.