Path of the historic volcanoes of Tenerife 

Path of the Historic volcanoes of Tenerife

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- Discover the last volcanic eruption in Tenerife: Chinyero (1909) and the volcano that destroyed Garachico: Arenas Negras (1706).
- Go deep into the Canarian pine forest, walk over lava fields and volcanic lava flows and see how life makes its way through them.
- Explore the Chinyero Special Nature Reserve and learn about the importance of its geological values.

Destination: Tenerife
Privacy: In a Group
Activity: Hiking
Guided: Guided
Transport: Transporte Opcional
Difficulty: Medium
Duración excursión: 6 hours

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Destination: Tenerife
Privacy: In a Group
In a Group
Activity: Hiking
Guided: Guided
Difficulty: Medium
Duración excursión: 6 hours
6 hours

Transport: Transporte Opcional Transporte Opcional

Price: 45€ per person

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 Arenas Negras and Chinyero




 All year round


 6 hours


 Optional, not included


Guided hiking excursion to the Arenas Negras and Chinyero volcanoes in the Chinyero Special Nature Reserve. This territory has been protected for its high geological value, where we find two of the youngest volcanoes on the island of Tenerife, called historical because there are dates and written and even visual documents of these eruptions. We will witness how this recent and fragile landscape has evolved over the last few centuries.

We will enter the Canary Island pine forest, the only natural species of pine in the Canary Islands. We will learn to recognise it and discover its great peculiarity, its resistance to fire, which allows it to resprout after suffering a fire. We will also reveal the multiple uses it has had on our island over time and its great capacity to capture fog and water.

Precisely, crossing the Canal de Vergara, which transports water extracted from water galleries, reminds us of the valuable presence of the Canarian pine forest on the island to obtain this liquid treasure once it has been filtered underground.

In the middle of the pine forest, the vegetation stops and gives way to a more arid and mineral territory, where a small volcano of dark and ochre colours rises in the middle of a field of lava, Arenas Negras (1706). In the distance, when the clouds permit, Teide and Pico Viejo, Tenerife's two largest volcanoes, also rise up, crowning the centre of the island. The blue sky, the white of the clouds and the green of the pine forest provide the rest of the nuances for a sublime contrast of colours.

The tranquillity of the place clashes with the dramatic history of this volcano, which changed the history of Tenerife, of the Villa and Port of Garachico and of its inhabitants. We will tell you this story and also the other story of the nearby volcano Chinyero (1909), the last volcanic eruption on the island of Tenerife so far. We will cross its lava field, observing a fragile ecological treasure, which biologists, geologists and other scientists study to find out how its rocks evolve and the species that grow on them, like a baby, from its earliest days.

Beautiful landscapes, volcanoes with history and a forest full of life and treasures, where, with luck, some of the native species of animals that live in the area, such as the blue chaffinch, will also be present.

Enjoy this pleasant trail with our guides and their stories..

Prices and Conditions


45€ per person*


*Minimum 4 people in the group to confirm the excursion.

It is possible to confirm the activity with 3 peoplePrice: 60€ per person.
It is possible to confirm the activity with 2 people. 
Price: 90€ per person.


All year round

Included Services

  • Walking guide

  • First-aid kit

  • Liability Insurance

  • Accidents Insurrance

  • Taxes

Not Included Services

  • Transport

  • Picnic

  • Water and Drinks

  • Other services not included in Included Services


Transport: 60€ per person
If you want us to pick you up from your accommodation and take you back. You won't have to drive, you can rest in our vehicle on the way there and back. In addition, we are official guides and you will be able to enjoy our interpretations and commentaries of the places we pass through. You can add this service to your booking.

Picnic: 10€ per person
If you want us to bring you a picnic for the excursion. You don't have to worry about shopping and preparing the picnic, we take care of it. We usually buy fresh, local, seasonal and appropriate products for the excursion that we taste together during the route. You can add this service when you make your booking.


Functional diversity

If you have any functional diversity that requires special attention from us. We ask you to tell us your case in order to analyse if it is compatible with the characteristics of the excursion and offer you the necessary service for your enjoyment. You can contact us in advance to analyse your case or add this service when you make your booking by filling in the comments box.

Customise the Excursion

If this tour interests you, but you would like to adapt or customise it in any way. You can contact us in advance to discuss your case or add this service to your booking by filling in the comments box.

Confirmation in 3 steps 

  1. Make your reservation by filling in the Booking Form.

  2. We will let you know the availability.

  3. You make the payment to confirm the excursion.

Cancellation (by Canarias Nature Guides)

If the conditions are not suitable for the excursion (the most common reason is bad weather) or there are not enough people booked, we will contact you to inform you of alternatives. Normally we can offer you:

  1. Change the date while keeping the same conditions.

  2. 100% refundable cancellation

Cancellation (by the client)

If you wish to cancel the excursion for any reason:

  • Up to 24 hours before the excursion: 100% refund of the excursion.

  • Last 24 hours before the excursion: No refund of the excursion.

Health & Safety

Our guide will take care of your well-being and will act at all times so that you enjoy the experience with health and safety.


For your safety, we apply the 3 following principles

  1. Expertise and risk management.

  2. First-aid trained guides.

  3. Equipment and technology.




You must comply with the following conditions to participate in this excursion:

  • Habit of hiking. Walking on uneven, rocky and demanding for the legs and ankles downhill terrain.

  • Good general state of health, without problems incompatible with the activity

  • The equipment required for the activity: hiking shoes


IIT IS NOT ALLOWED  to do this excursion to the following persons:

  • People with health and mobility problems incompatible with the activity

  • People without sufficient physical preparation

  • People without the proper equipment, especially not wearing hiking shoes


IT IS NOT ECOMMENDED  to do this excursion to the following persons:

  • Children under 8 years old


If you have symptoms compatible with COVID-19, such as a cough or fever, please notify us and seek medical care as soon as possible. The responsibility of each one goes to the benefit of all.

Our company follows the protocols set by the health authorities for the prevention of the spread of COVID-19. In general terms, during the excursion we will ask for your collaboration to respect the following code:

  • Small group size, with a maximum number of participants according to the limit indicated by the health authorities at all times.

  • Social distancing of 2 meters between people not living together.

  • Regular use of hydroalcoholic gel for hand cleaning.

  • Disinfection of material and transport before the activity and after the activity

  • Use of a face mask and other barrier means when social distancing cannot be maintained with other people.

  • Reminder at the beginning of the activity and during the activity of the protocols that we follow.

  • Any other measure required by the health authorities for the prevention of contagion by COVID-19.

Get Ready for the Excursion


When making your reservation, we will tell you the meeting point and the meeting time, either at your accommodation, if you have chosen the option of transportation with us, or at the starting point of the excursion. We will also indicate who will be your guide and our contact for any questions.

What do you need to bring?

  • Warm clothes: A windbreaker and shorts are fine for warm and sunny days. In winter and cold days, long trousers and a polar fleece are suggested..

  • Walking boots: It is essential that you wear hiking boots in this walk.

  • Sun protection: Cap or hat, sun cream, balm stick and sunglasses.

  • Raincoat: Put it in your rucksack, but the use is quite rare. In case of heavy rain, we will cancel the excursion.

  • Water: Take enough water with you. We suggest al least 1,5 litres. In summer or hot days even 2 litres.

  • Picnic: You can book the picnic with us or take your own picnic: a sandwich, pasta or rice salad, nuts, chocolate, cereal bars and fruits are some ideas.

  • Walking poles: They can be useful.

  • Covid-19 face mask: It is necessary to wear  face mask according to the local regulations whenever the minimum personal distance can't be respected. We will remind you the exact protocole according to the activity date at the beginning of the excursion.


  • Tissues

  • Rubbish bagBring some kind of bag or recipient for your waste, as there will be no bins during the walk and it is not allowed to throw waste, even if it is organic or biodegradable. We must take all the garbage with us to preserve this fragile natural protected area. Back in Masca, you can deposit the waste in separation bins. If you have any doubt sorting your rubbish, do not hesitate to ask us, we will gladly assist you

  • Personal pharmacie  

  • Video and photo camera

  • Mobile phone


Do you have any questions about this excursion?

Yes. Contact us via the Contact form and we will get back to you in more detail.

Do not hesitate to contact us in case of any further query.



If you participated in this activity, we appreciate your review to keep improving our services and guiding, and keep also what you enjoyed.